For other things, there’s Mastercard!

Can’t help but notice that finally, Word Press have forced their changes upon us – their ‘improved’ blogging experience will certainly add nothing for me but no doubt share my data with their paying clients.  And of course, being a grumpy old git, I will struggle to find everything now that it has all been changed around for no benefit to me.

Modern life can be suck a ball ache.

That said, the other day I had to chuckle – I got a speeding ticket.  Sure, my checkered past of high speeds in the UK is well documented but this one really was priceless.

I had to drive the boss’s car back from Nice airport – alone….!

A very nippy Mini Cooper Works, convertible. Naturally I gave it a bit of welly but I had forgotten a couple of things.  Normally in a UK plated car, speeding tickets don’t get issued.  Sadly this time, I was in a German registered car and Germany agrees to share vehicle details with the rest of the EU – unlike the UK.

So, at the boss’s HQ in Germany, they received the notice and forwarded it on to me.  It was all quite civil if I am honest – 126 in a 110 and a 45€ fine, payable on line in just a few seconds. Easy.

It was almost an enjoyable experience.

Oh the joys of Christmas



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