Poetry in Motion

Roses are Red

Violets are Twisted

Bend over love

You’re about to get fisted !!



It’s all over now bar the racing.  That’s it, done!  Last 10k training run completed this evening in a very shabby 50 minutes (not that my heart thought it was shabby though !!)  Race weight is going to be a whopping 92.2kgs (although tomorrow nights pizza might add a few grams to that) – I was aiming for 89kgs but whats half a stone between friends huh ?

Dress code for the race will be all black with mid blue Brooks Glycerines on my feet, skin coloured nipple plasters which you wont be able to see because 1. they are skin coloured and 2. they will be under my shirt!, a transparent hooded poncho if it is raining, and whichever pair of socks get pulled out of my drawer the day before when I am packing. I will also be wearing a tight pair of briefs to keep my tackle all together and off the floor.

If you need anything else – right now it is probably too late.

I do have one question though – where are Neal Westwood and Verity McCoy – I have nae heard from either of them in a long loch.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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