Montage of Heck

Thought I would write a little while I am downloading what is being billed as the definitive Cobain movie.

It seems I have completely forgotten the skills set that allows me to solder.  As a 10 year old, I could have soldered a cat to the front wheel on my mums car – as a forty something, seems all my skills have gotten off the bus and walked away. I struggled yesterday to solder some small wires into an 8 pin DIN plug – sounds very boring I know but I was embarrassed at my lack of skills – then, it turns out that I had the wrong plugs anyway so after struggling for half a day to solder them, I then had to undo all of my hard work – that only took a couple of seconds.

I got to Mallorca on Monday morning after some small ferry drama. The original ferry out of Barcelona was an hour behind schedule when I arrived due to engine trouble so I tootled off and had some Tortilla ( I was in Spain after all).  When I got back to the terminal, the ferry had been cancelled.  The unusually helpful spanish did a little more than give me that ‘ you’re fucked now’ Spanish shrug, they actually booked me on the next ferry some 4 hours behind schedule.  I knew of another ferry into the port at the top of the island, Alcudia, and asked if they could switch me to that one instead – and thus it was done.  So, arriving ahead of schedule albeit at the wrong port but even with the drive across the island I was still ahead of my original arrival time by over an hour. An unusual win situation for customer service in Spain.

The next day, there was a huge ferry fire just off the coast – everyone into the life boats and rescued.  I was left wondering if this was the same ferry that had the engine trouble the night before.

So back to the Cobain movie that has already finished downloading – I will watch it over the next couple of days and let you know how I get on with it, more importantly, is it worth all the hype.


I have a new idea for a photo contest



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