Shame on you Putin

10k – no shit !

I was surprised actually.  I pulled a great 10k with at least 75% of it in the forest and didn’t need to cop a squat on the way round.  I say surprised because I was convinced that I needed to drop a load before I left, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t squeeze anything out.  I took a pack of handy andy’s as a safeguard but all was well.

Lets keep the subject on poop for a little longer.  As I was running along the avenue on the way back from the forest, I saw a woman walking her dog and letting it shit on the grass.  She made absolutely no effort to pick it up.  As I crossed the finish line for my little 10k jaunt, I felt something squish and slip underfoot.  When I looked down, I noticed a poopy bag.  Someone had gone to the trouble of bagging up one of their pooches poopies and then tied the bag and dropped it there and then – why would you do that ?  All that effort and all you have to do is drop it in a bin.

Staying with poop just a little longer – myself and poopie pants are heading to Ibiza next weekend for a mountain bike extravaganza. I already have several routes planned, one called ‘leg breaker’ which is rated as a black run.  The others I have are all rated red so expect broken bones.

So, for the first time in my life, despite several visits to the island, I am finally going to get to explore Ibiza.

I am bothered by recent events in Ukraine.  Obviously Putin is completely off his head and out of his mind – there are other side issues to consider.  Yesterday I thought I might go out in my famous red CCCP T-shirt but thought better of it, worse still, my big russian general coat is having to stay firmly on its hangar inside the house as I am sure there will be some protest at me wearing it.  I am not afraid of the protest, I actually agree with them – Putin is being a horses arse.  Now, if I suddenly and inexplicably disappear whilst on Ibiza next week, expect KGB involvement.

Work is beckoning and I really don’t want to go back.  It sounds heavenly having 2 months off with pay and then working for 2 months but if the programme is piss poor, it is piss poor.  I continue to look for something new and interesting.

A few things to sort out this week.  I started cleaning the windows on the house after the construction next door has finally finished.  The ones I have cleaned now look really good but the down side is that they make the others look shit.  Is that all I have to talk about?  cleaning windows!!  FFS

I sat in Delish Deli on bank street last week, eating some very healthy food.  Watching some oldies walk by, I started to wonder about what getting old holds for us.  Feeling the cold, pensions, fashion statements etc etc.  I wondered if I was actually experiencing a mid-life crisis.  Lets be honest, does anyone know what a mid-life crisis feels like ?  Maybe it’s that point were we begin to realise that potentially all that lays in front of us is the ability to get old. That would scare us surely?  So we over react to that and go out and buy silly cars, dress in clothes 20 years too young for us and take up pursuits that only teenagers should do. Does the fact that I am thinking about getting old actually mean I am getting old ?


There is more to life than this







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