As Roy Orbison once said – It’s Over !!

A successful trip I have to tell you.  On the 26th February I secured my Scuba Instructor license.  Now, I am ready to leave, back to the cold, rainy dampness that is called Europe.

I am looking forward to it I have to say.  I have one last run planned in my old trainers before I relegate them to the bin and then I can collect my car and get ready for the road trip back to Belgium.

The trusty ‘Specialized’ is still in pieces, I hope I can remember how it all goes back together after 3 weeks or more away.  I am now only 1 month away from returning to work – that saddens me a little but you never know, maybe I won the lottery while I was away and work would be a thing of the past.

Security continues to tighten around the resort.  You have to feel sorry for the locals though, they work hard and are very friendly but the place is empty through no fault of theirs.  I met a local shop owner the other day who told me his business had been going down the pan since the troubles here began.

I am looking forward to having a razz in my car too – funny how I always am excited to be getting back behind the wheel of that motor.  As hard as I remember, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a motor quite as much, even back to the old LeasePlan days where it was not unusual to have a car sitting on my driveway that was worth more than the house – The Rangie just ticks all the boxes.

So, back to the grind as it were.  Tuesday morning will see me hit the Brussels forest for the first time in almost a month – that will be a pleasure I know, then the scamble to get the bike back up to speed and all will be back to normality (or as they say in Lana’s world ‘normalcy’).

I am tired, if not exhausted and am not looking forward to the slog back to England but it has to be done. Goodbye Sharm El Sheikh – Hello Europe.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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