Cinco de Mayo

So, for those that haven’t kept up, I am leaving the States on Monday and heading back to Belgium.  On Thursday, I have an interview for what I am billing as ‘the best job ever!’

A new build motor yacht that is currently being fitted out, aiming for launch in November 2012.   A big hefty thing, right on the edge of my licence limits,  and on the job description, ‘maintenance of the submarine’. Yep, this private yacht has its own 3 man submarine on the back deck – any you will never guess what colour the sub is???

Yellow of course – I am expecting to find Sir Paul at the helm too!

Being based in Europe until the end of the year has huge bonuses for me – needless to say, I WANT THIS JOB!

Always a surprise when you get a notification on runkeeper that you have set a new weekly best for a certain discipline.  On Thursday, after my run, my notification told me that I had achieved a new weekly best mileage record. I was of course very pleased.  Last night, I pumped in a quick mile and a half and was expecting another congratulations but sadly nothing.  Tonight, I pounded for another 5 miles and blow me, if i didnt get a new ‘monthly best mileage’ notification.  Aparently I have set a new record for a month of running – 19 ish miles so far this month, and that my friends is a new monthly best – AND I AM ONLY 5 DAYS INTO THE MONTH !!!!  So either all of my other months so far have been piss poor or this month has been spectacularly good.

I did find a nice little 5 mile loop to walk first thing in the mornings, then on Tuesday of this week it thought to myself ‘fuck it – I’m gonna run those 5 miles tonight’ – and I did, and again on thursday and again tonight, and I am actually surprised that I don’t ache at all – well maybe a tinsy winsy little bit, but nothing like I was expecting.  I have been fannying around with mile and a half or maybe a two mile run and feeling the pain, wondering if I will ever get back to where I was in 2004 before I left England.  Back then, I was running around a total of 25 miles a week – so right now, that seems within reach again, even though I am 8 years older ! I had hit a pain barrier/fitness barrier/mental block and it would appear that the only way to deal with that is to pass it, not by a gnats whisker either, you gotta blitz it – focus through the pain and don’t worry if passers by hear you swearing at yourself to keep you going. The single most surprising point to mention here is that I haven’t shit my pants yet either – for the serious runners amongst you, getting the poo stations right is a serious thing, as serious as eating nutritious food. I remember well, banging on my grandma’s front door in urgent need of a turbo dump at only 1 mile into my run – I remember even more clearly after a 6 miler, making it to my front door, butt cheeks clenched, key left in the lock as I flung the door open and began to take the stairs 2 at a time, so urgent was my need to get on the pan.  Sadly, the 2 steps at a time splits meant that I could no longer clench my butt cheeks and I very quickly filled my running tights with what was a ‘far from solid’ stool, jumped straight into the shower, peeled my tights down and hosed them out !! There litterally was shit everywhere !

Running is more addictive than crack cocaine – don’t ever start !

Sadly for me, what was America’s best ever export ‘The Beastie Boys’ are no more. The death of one Adam Yauch has put an end to that. These guys I admired for many years, not just for their music but their videos too – they always seem like they are having shit loads of fun, a bit like The Foo Fighters or better still, Ant and Dec when they used to do CDTV live on a saturday morning. I remember in the 80’s when they appeared on ‘Top of the Pops’ with those VW bonnet badges around their necks, then for the next few weeks, there wasn’t a Volkswagen in the country that hadn’t had it’s badge pried off with a screw driver! I was scouting through my music library earlier looking at what I had of theirs – I never realised but I have 9 albums by the Beastie Boys, that is 1 more than the mighty Foo’s – best of all, I think there are 3 that I don’t have !!!  I will of course be wondering for many years what kind of tunes they would have been churning out, in the same vein that I wonder what kind of music Cobain would have been playing – and of couse, what would the mighty John Peel make of it all ?

I leave you with 3 links to youtube videos of the Beasties – my 3 favourite videos they ever made.  Do me a favour, turn up the volume, click the link and at the same time start recording with your web cam – do your best ‘gangsta’ moves and send me the video……….but most importantly, just enjoy acting the fool for a few minutes – life is so preciously short !!

and saving the best until last


Choose life mofo’s!




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