Sint Maarten

It never gets any better – this Island is a shit hole, quite why it gets so much attention is beyond me, just a sess pit for over indulgent yachties to hang out in.  Anyway, enough of that – I got here hoping to join a new boat for a couple of seasons but by lunch time on day 1, I knew it wasn’t for me.  You know that feeling when your gut instinct is to get as far away as possible ?  Well this time my gut was rumbling loud so by mid afternoon I had told the skipper that it wasn’t for me.

I tried not to feel sorry for him, last time I felt sorry for a skipper, I ended up staying on for 7 months of emotional hell – but experience makes you wiser, and my license now means I can be more choosey.  So, out of guilt, I have agreed to do the trip to Fort Lauderdale and then to stay on for 7 days while he finds someone new, that should be ok and not too hard for me to take on.

Then, I can head back to Europe and start my search once more – this time, firmly sticking to my previous self promises of not taking on a boat until I have seen it first.

On a lighter note – me and the bird have decided to co-habitate. I found a nice little pad in Brussels, while she fretted about my dealings and stubborness to take on the first few that she looked at – it was jolly good fun I might add, sourcing out a place that is in better condition than something very similar and 10 doors down the road and then beating the price down too – so instead of paying 1950€ per month, we got a beauty for just 1700€ per month – I reckon thats around a 12% saving – not too shabby in this day and age.

Enough for now, have to get ready for a 9am bridge tomorrow

Keep it real homies

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