Where is the work ?

Firmly back in Belgium until the morning, after a monster week of road trips.  Last Saturday night I left Brussels and headed to Imperia in Italy, crossing Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and finally popping out in the Italian Alps.

One thing crossed my mind – Luxembourg, what is the collective name for its people?  I mean, France has french people, Portugal has portuguese, Spain spanish etc – but what about Luxembourg???

I saw a couple of jobs in Imperia and have since turned them both down, one not paying enough with a captain I was suspicious about, the other, just not ringing my bell – it felt like a compromise, and I rarely do that ! So I am still looking.  The submarine job is playing the delay tactic, which kind of makes me feel like they are holding me to randsom, something I rarely tolerate.  Unfortunately for them, I hav e had several contacts today from other dutch builds, two of them sail boats so their games may well backfire.

So the trip to Imperia was a massive 700 miles, punctuated by 2 interviews before I began the next leg of my journey from Imperia to Sagres, crossing Italy, France, Spain and of course Portugal, another 1270 miles.

Finally in Sagres, I got to take a little time out, surfed a bit, went for a scuba, drank cheaply and ate cheaply before heading back to Brussels on saturday morning – another 1500 miles.

Now, I know the british public poo poo anything british in favour of foreign muck, but my trusty 2002 Rover 75 Estate has munched those miles up with ease, almost 3000 of them in a week, cruise control on, air con on and I was in bliss.  I even got flashed by a camera in France.

I know she is getting old now but she just goes and goes – almost 180,000 miles on her now, a few rattles and shakes but nothing serious, which is a good thing because tomorrow she is heading back to blighty once more, in search of LED televisions at sensible prices, with my mountain bike hooked on the back.

I hope to razz some of the local country tracks again with Mr. B and Yates in tow – I wonder how they have been keeping up with their fitness?


Maybe next time – I will have something interesting to write





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