Back in Europe

Back stroke, Breast stroke, Butterfly and crawl – doggy paddle, belly flop – you can do them all – LEARN TO SWIM!!!

Ok, so Costa Rica is over and I am back to reality in Mallorca for January.  Please don’t be sad for me, in fact, just to the right hand side of this page is the ‘photos’ section, take a look at the ‘Costa Rica’ section.  It was a jolly good time, with surfing and some scuba diving – I even managed a few short underwater excursions with the Go Pro Hero camera.

And to top it all – I came back a little lighter than when I left, and I am not talking about my wallet.  I have now lost over 13 kgs, thats more than 28 lbs in yank speak or 2 stones in old english money – although my mothers scales suggest a 2 and a half stone loss.  I expect to loose another 6 kgs during my Mallorca trip so expect a skinnier Wayne next time you see me.

It feels good to be working again after my 6 month holiday, using my brain again is very stimulating indeed.  There are a couple of boats around that I am chatting up while I look for something new, I will also be trying my hand in some new secret tactics that I expect to be fruitful.

Anyway – while I am working, go and have a look at my photos of  Costa Rica – click on the photo to go full page and then you can scroll through until your heart is content





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