Due North

Checked my surf wax supply this morning – I am now down to my last half a block, not sure if they sell sex wax here or not so will have to be careful.  Today I am driving North for 3 hours to a dive spot highly recommended by one of my chums in Portugal – I hope it is worth it, the rental car alone was close to 300 dollars, still, a couple of days away will ease the wax situation. Should be back here for the weekend and time to grab the best of the surf before its time to pack up and leave.

My cold is almost gone now, a little bit snotty but at least I can equalise my ears.  To make things even better, the missus is now bed ridden and has been for 2 days after hurting her back.  Apparently the exercise DVD was hard core – from what I saw, by my standards it was soft dough – either way, she is proper fucked and not moving anywhere for the next few days. She has orders to stay in bed until my return on friday evening. If she doesn’t, she is on her own, packing and carrying her bags, loading them on the plane, getting them off at the other end and everything else that is included in travelling – she has been warned.

I took 150,000 out of the bank the other day – that was around 300 dollars. Kind of think you you would drop a few zeros off that figure and carry on as normal – reminiscent of the old italian lira – which may someday soon make a come back.

So the surf here has been fun – not outstanding spectacular but good fun all the same. Better still for the ability to surf in shorts all of the time, any time. There is one problem though, if the sun is out, it is freakin hot – so factor 50 is the order of the day, or a T shirt instead.  The NSP is doing very well.  Shorter than my normal steeds but then I am a couple of stones lighter than normal so that will be helping too.

Enough for now – its time to head to the bank and phone shop once more.

Adios Amigos






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