More of the same

Scarlet Macaws – a stunning sight to see flying free – especially in a flock of  dozen or so – quite why anyone could think these magnificent birds deserve to be held hostage in a cage I have no idea.  The colours really are splendid, I tried to capture them mid flight but the camera could not do them justice.  I also disturbed a couple of lizards this morning down by the river.  I am going to do the same tomorrow but next time with my camera loaded and ready.  As I got close to the water, the first lizard legged it from one side to the other – across the surface of the water ! While I stood there in amazement, the second also made a break for safety – walking on water or rather running on it.

Christmas day was a peach!  Headed along the beach before midday to Ken and Molli’s condo (thats ‘apartment’ to us native english speakers).  A short sit by the pool until I realised how good the waves were.  Fresh wax on the NSP and I spent the next few hours in what can only be described as heavenly Pacific swells, stopping only for a rest and more suncream – in fact, factor 50 was the order of the day.  High tide is around 4pm today and I am hoping there will be cloud cover by then.  Water temp is glorious and surfing in shorts is the order of the day.

I found a picture of those Macaws – not one of mine so I have included it on this page – what a beautiful bird (fnar fnar)


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