Costa Rica

Finally settling in after some 13 hours or more in planes to get here – beauty of that of course is I shared the plane cabin with commoners and now have a stinking cold – payback I guess for not being in the UK for the winter but a bummer for me because it stops me from scuba diving. Still, on the bonus side, i did blag a surf board for free from the birds friends down here – So I can now be seen on an ‘NSP’ surfing Pacific coast waves – not so cool for an old school duffer like me – but a free board is a free board and I did manage to ride it ok so lets not complain.

Nice spot too, right on the beach although the view of the sand and waves is slightly obscured by palm trees but hey, a small price to pay.

So for now, just surfing to report – tomorrow I will give the Go Pro Hero a bash I think and see if I can’t post it here.


Stand by for action




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