Stick Walkers

My time here is already over – less than two weeks and I have completed a months work already – a bargain for the skipper and a quick boost for the bank for me. I am already planning the next small road trip back to Belgium and my wonderful woman and of course the Chimay Blue.  This time though,  a little planning is required as there is snow on them there mountains that I need to get across – thats the Pyrenees to you geographically challenged!  I saw the weather on the TV just a day or so ago and noted a hefty amount of snow over there.  Be sure to pack my flask of hot soup and lots of warm jumpers just in case.

The missus tells me Brussels is cold.  I am not looking forward to that.  The big issue with loosing weight is that you loose body fat and fat is a damn fine insulator from the winter chills. Heres the thing – as of last week (friday to be exact) I have lost more than two and a half stones of blubber, thats around 40lbs to our yank chums or around 17kgs to our euro counterparts. I am now firmly under 16 stones – somewhere I haven’t been for at least 7 years – so I am feeling the cold.

Since arriving in Mallorca, I have managed to have two games of Squash – been around 8 years since I last played.  The devious mind is still there but the ability to move my body as fast as it needs to move is sadly lacking – so last week I got a keen arse whooping.  This week, not so bad.  I took more points and even managed to win a game.

My buttocks and leg muscles are sore now, so bad in fact that I haven’t ran for a few days.  Having boats out of the water also means lots of stairs to get on deck and of course being old, I get to the top of the stairs and forget what I went up there for and have to then walk back down to remember – so lots of stair exercise for me.  It all adds up to some phenomenal weight loss though – and for that, I am greatly appreciative.

This weekend is a big holiday in Palma – San Sebastian. It is a veritable fireworks extravaganza and that I am looking forward to.  An added benefit of finishing my work early means that I am now free to celebrate the weekend however I see fit.  Tomorrow evening is the BBQ evening.  All of the small courtyards in Palma have BBQ’s where you can walk up and sling your sausage on.  Meeting up with the Jones and Mrs. Jones, Paul and Emma and maybe even Ashley too so could be good fun.  We are even heading off to a part of the town where I know there is a bar with Chimay Blue, so I may even disappear for half an hour.

Tuesday is likely to be Ferry day and I may even bang along the south coast and stop at Antibes, Monaco and San Remo to spread the CV – but then again, I might just head for the sanctuary that is L’Association.

Only time will tell.

I do hope you have all been looking at the photos that I so painstakingly uploaded just to the right of this message you are reading ?





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