Closing Chapter

One I am glad to see the back of in fact – that bloody Mondeo.  Bought it just over a year ago on eBay for the princely sum of 4 grand.  Drove it to portugal, used it for a bit , then tried to improve it, to stop it smoking too much – that, was my downfall.

Almost a year later and now around 8 grand out of pocket, I have decided to sound the death knell for the damn thing, not out of spite or expense but purely because we just can’t find out what is wrong with it.  To add insult to injury, it’s not just mine that suffered.  I started searching the internet forums for TDCI mondeo problems – cyberspace is full of them, full of horror stories and unbelievable tales of even Ford dealers not being able to fix them. I even sent it to a Ford dealer in Portimao for their input but that proved as much use as wiping my arse with used,heavily soiled toilet paper.  After reading so many peoples problems, I was left wondering how Ford not only managed to sell so many of these things but also how they have managed not to get bad press about them – a 6 year old car shouldn’t have so many problems – worse still, so many six year old cars shouldn’t.

So, it’s back on eBay, with a very honest and frank description.  Now this surprises me, after just 2 days, over 500 page views, 70 odd people ‘watching’ it and 8 bids – so I might get some money back after all.

Now I can solely concentrate on my studies again.

My Seaman’s discharge book has arrived.  No, before you ask, it’s not a record of how much I ejaculate over the course of a month – think of it more like a passport for boat people (and I don’t mean illegal immigrants either).  I should have got it many years ago but I never thought how important it was – but now I have it.

So my battle for self improvement continues – Also looks like Costa Rica for christmas and new year, the missus has managed to talk me into it.  I am also seeing if I can stay a little longer over there and complete my Dive Instructor tickets – not bloody cheap though, another 4 grand leaving the bank account.  I might have to park it for a little while as there may be some movement on the house in November – all hell could break loose, decisions on that soon.

It’s good to blog with a beer and a Bohemia but soon I will be back in Belgium on that ‘Chimay Blue’.  Stand by for a flurry of activity




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