Mr. Wendal – A man, a human in flesh but not the law !

That was a fun weekender – Mallorca in August, a first for me.  The Jones picked a rather splendid spot on the side of the mountains to host his little ‘soiree’ overlooking the hustle and bustle of Palma.

And boy was it hot!  Until the evening came and we all cooled off a little – better still, as midnight approached me and Tall Paul went for the strip off and into the pool – shortly followed by a cascade of various other guests – guys and galls alike.  It was great to see some old faces and friends too – it has been almost 2 years since I have spent any serious time there. Its also fair to add that his bride was absolutely stunning, and I don’t say that often.  It’s one of the oldest clichés for me, brides and new born babies looking great – in fact , most of the time it’s not the case – especially the babies, they can be really ugly.

So for the second time in a month, I have worn trousers and a shirt – weddings and funerals only !

Got that out of the way, so lets move on.  Brussels Airlines it seems I owe an apology. They have in fact followed the rules with regard to delayed flights – if your flight is delayed, you get food vouchers and phone calls and that’s it.  I trolled through the EU directive and realised they were in fact telling the truth so I have duly sent my apologies. I may accept their kind offer of 5000 flight miles added to my account – 5000 miles, now here’s the other con.  It doesn’t actually mean you can fly for 5000 miles, it probably means 100 miles in real terms but a little something is better than a kick in the soft eye.

Also need to update the previous post which I found in my draft folder over the weekend.  It looks like it has been sitting there for 3 months. I know this because it mentioned my troublesome Mondeo being in the garage for 9 months when in fact September will be the first anniversary of it’s arrival there.  I am truly hoping to resolve that in the next couple of weeks.

I also must pull my finger out of my arse and get a plan for my house.  Time is running out, or almost – must make a decision soon but now I have a new distraction to add to my studies – the tourists have gone, it’s time to reclaim the beaches (please don’t mis-read that as bitches)

So nothing more to add


Mr. Wendal’s a bum !




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