Palma de Mallorca

I saw on the plane that a classic movie has recently undergone a remake.  I am shocked, I find it hard to imagine that anyone could improve on the original ‘Footloose’.  Can any one really do better than Kevin Bacon – I think not

Smart Car users – remember to apply the handbrake.  As an automatic, I normally just pop the gearbox into ‘P’ and walk away.  This I did yesterday with my Smart rental car only to watch it start rolling backwards as I locked the door.  Thankfully, it weighs as much as an empty crisp packet so I could hold it while i opened the door and put the hand brake on.  There is no ‘P’ function on the gearbox, just neutral or reverse. Leaving it in neutral without the handbrake on will not hold it on a hill – please remember this if you ever drive one.

I have been lucky enough to get my discharge book stamped  so all in all a good trip.  I also picked up a months work in January on a race boat called ‘Open Season’ so straight back from Costa Rica to Mallorca in January.  All in all, a good visit, well worth the spend to get here.

I did bag the cheapest hotel on the island – after all , I am tighter than a ducks butt – but it is cheap for a reason.  75 pounds for 3 nights, I wasn’t expecting too much and I was right to think so.  You get what you pay for anywhere in the world.

I also managed to catch a classic episode of ‘Cheers’ on the plane – I had long forgotten how funny that programme was, living proof that the states can give us europeans some good tv – I don’t class baywatch as good tv.

Managed to catch up with a few chums while I am here too.  Tall Paul, Mick and Cat, Mark Durham, Nigel, English Harry, Absolute Neil, Miles and a quick skype with Tom.

So back to Portugal tomorrow and am also giving serious consideration to bailing out immediately and heading for belgium.  My concentration is struggling at the moment and I need to study hard until I get to England.

Just need to get rid of that bloody Mondeo.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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