UK Swingers

Back from a day of activity – had a dive this morning with a young fella of just 11 years old, superb skills and fearless – when I was his age, I may have been the same but without the superb skills!

Tried to find some surf this afternoon but no joy, the west coast was a little heavier than I was willing to brave – so I now have eaten a ham & feta sandwich and have a bottle of EA red , express chilling in the freezer.

As for the headline of todays posting, it bears absolutely no relevance to the post at all, I was just curious to see how many hits I get with that in the title – expect more random headlines over the coming weeks.

Last night and almost completely unprompted, I had a flurry of new subscriptions – I like it when that happens, but first a few corrections.

The reader in Pensylvania ( I hope I spelt that right) is actually called ‘Sharon’ not Michelle as previously stated, please all wave and smile while facing west and say hello to Sharon.

Then of course, there is Trusty (or maybe that should be rusty) Old Lex in South Africa – she has subscribed but it doesn’t look like she has confirmed the system email that was sent, shame on her !

So the newbies…….

Max in Leiceter, UK – How come it took you so long?

Susan & Angela from Rugby, UK – these two are the subscribers I have known the longest (almost – Steve gets that award!)

And last but by no means least – The wonderful Mush George down there in Bristol (I actually typed ‘Bristol’ with a heavy west country accent)

I have quite a motley crew growing now – maybe its time to create a subscribers photo album ? Your thoughts are appreciated.

I did get one step closer to settling into the way of life here today.  I got up late (very important that one) went for a dive, came home mid afternoon and took a nap and then woke at 6pm and headed to the beach – if only the surf had been more favourable, I would have been surfing until sunset.  Tomorrow I have nothing planned apart form heading to the old house and clearing it out, I may even take on the vegetation with a machete to make it look a little tidier.

Thats all for now, just left wondering how many hits I will get for UK Swingers




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