Live from Norwich – It’s the quiz of the week

Finally yesterday the wind dropped.  I can’t imagine how mind bending that must have been to have that howling for the last 2 months – It was driving me crazy after just one week.  I took advantage of it well and headed out with my two big boards on the roof.

Tonel first stop but really nothing much happening there so I headed out of town towards Amado.  Picked up some rather splendid tunes on the way out of town, The Verve – Sonnet had me smiling on the road out of town closely followed by ‘Sound and Vision’ – David Bowie, topped off with an old Roxy Music track – Over You, I was enjoying the drive, baking hot sun and the wind in my hair.  I even had a little Siouxie and the Banshees and The Wurzels before my jaw dropped at Amado.

The must have been over 100 people in the water! Not a superb wave either, I watched for a while to see what kind of carnage would ensue and sure enough, they were dropping in and running over each other – did I want to hone my 9 month unused skills amongst this little lot?  Not bloody likely mate, I would have killed someone.

Bordeira next stop and as usual, it was a big mess.  In all honesty I have never had a good surf there, I really don’t know why I bother checking the place.

Next stop Barriga but in all honesty it looked like very hard work for an out of shape blimp like me

By this time, I had stopped singing and decided to head back to Sagres and checked out Tonel again – A quick check on the tide timetable told me the tide had just turned and was now on the push – certain it would improve in an hour I decided to go and sit on the beach. Baking in the sun, I paid close attention to the surf and sure enough, around an hour later, there was a useable wave to I squeezed into the spak suit and went for a paddle.

Being old and wise, I knew that I was way out of shape for bigger swells so the metre high stuff at Tonel would be a good start.  I must confess though, the extra belly I am currently carrying meant that I had to ask for help to close the wet suit up!

Anyhow, turned out to be a very good call, I had close to 2 hours of fun before I got so tired that I kept missing my feet – enough – call it a day.

I tried to repeat the experience again today but this time I wasn’t so lucky.  At least I got to sit for a few hours in the sun while i waited.

Tomorrow morning it’s back to the hotel for some discover scuba diving with the kids, last week I was confronted with 13 of the little feckers.  If I get that many tomorrow I am going to limit it to just 10 me thinks.

Moving on, I read that Amy Winehouse is dead. No details as yet but there isn’t a bookie in the land that will take a bet against drug related death. It was inevitable many will say and the national press here in Portugal are saying just that. I do wonder though, as did John Peel when Cobain blew his face off, if I could have helped in some way, spent some time with her and helped her out of her problems, changed her life path a little. A truly magical voice without any shadow of a doubt , now no more.  I am sure we will be wondering in the years to come, exactly what kind of music she would be making.  I often think if Cobain were alive, what would his style be now, 15 years after the Nirvana scene.  Maybe Mr. Grohl offers a little insight to that.

I too was shocked to hear about the recent events in Norway.  I have a couple of friends up there.  On my first visit to Norway some 12 or 13 years ago, I was surprised at just how open the norgies are. Almost a self policing nation where crimes were unusual and people very trusting.  Last time I was in Oslo about 2 years ago now, I spoke to my friends there and they told me that many of the population were against the new immigration policy.  Why? Since immigration had been relaxed the society was beginning to see crimes that they had never seen before, rapes previously unheard of, violent crimes too.  I am expecting to read in the next couple of days that this nutter is saying just that – he didn’t agree with the immigration policy so he decided to murder many of his country folk, don’t quite see the logic in that!  Home grown terrorism – it must be so hard to detect for the authorities.

Now, moving swiftly on, lets talk about subscriptions again – there are a few readers out there that still haven’t subscribed.  I made it as easy as possible so that even women can do it (apart from Karen Thornham in Oz, she needed 2 attempts) so there is no excuse Susan.

Hello to my avid readers/subscribers

The ever so beautiful Lana Bos

Steve Brown

Verity McCoy ( the first one to subscribe – shame on you Lana)

Karen Thornham

Lexa Timothy (South Africas finest Chef!) Hey Lex, I wonder if you can link your page to mine and vice versa?

And that other American lass, I forget her name, I think it could be Michelle

But enough for now, my Sagres Bohemia is getting warm, and that my friends is as serious a crime as buggering the Queen




One response to “Live from Norwich – It’s the quiz of the week

  • Sharon

    hi Wayne. i am an American Lass from pennsylvania that is subscribed . I love reading about your adventures. I do have a question. When your sailing all over do worry about pirates? have you ever encountered them? Wishing you safe journies. Hugs & Blessings
    Sharon from Pa.

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