P is for ……………….?

‘Portugal’ of course – and also ‘Problems’

Nothing here is straight forward and it is beginning to take its toll on me.  I am almost at the point of despair with the bullshit and the locals ability to do fuck all and get away with it – it is no surprise to me that their country is in such financial dire straights.  I find myself now constantly asking if this is where I want to base myself and potentially spend the rest of my life – At the moment, it is a resounding ‘no way’.  Added to all the bullshit, the wind has been blowing hard for months now so I can’t even go and surf.

I did finally manage to buy a bike today, one that is the right size, so that my knees don’t knock my teeth out when I am pedalling.  Added bonus was the bike shop that I chose to visit was also so very close to the local DHL office that were holding my Mac charger that was posted last week. Apparently DHL do not deliver to post office boxes – something new in the school book for me then.

Emergency call last night from the dive school – their compressor wouldn’t start – something of a serious issue when you need compressed air to work.  Did manage to get it running though and this morning also found a mail order supplier in Portugal that held the spares so they should be here within the next couple of days – but remember what ‘P’ is for ?

Tomorrow morning I plan to cycle to the light house on the point, a good 15 k round trip, should be completely fooked by the time i get back. After that, now my trusty Mac is again in tow and taking charge, my studies can begin in earnest, revision notes and all.

For the first time in many years, I have also decided to sell one of my boards.  Don’t panic, its just the old Sementé – it’s pretty beaten up but I might get a few dollars for it – do i really need 4 surf boards?  I don’t think so, especially when I may have to get all of them on the roof and back to blighty later this year, so I could soon be a 3 board family.

Dilemas are upon me again – to sell or not to sell.  I am certain that I don’t want the tie of a house here any more, its easy and relatively cheap to rent so I should just do that when I want to come here – your thoughts are appreciated – I suspect the eurozone is in for a kicking some time in the coming 2 years.

I will leave you with those thoughts for now




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