Basque Country

Safely landed in Portugal this morning.  The drive I have now completed 5 times, I can now do it without a map !!

One thing that always stuns me is when leaving the southwest of france for Spain’s Basque Country.  That is always my favourite part of the drive, always catching it at first light or early morning – it is so beautiful, it makes my nipples go hard.

But let me get back to France for a second.  I managed to pass through the whole country this time without activating any speed cameras, last trip I managed 3, the 2nd trip only 1. France is a big country to cross but I wanted to share a little something with you, the british motorist.  Ok, they have a sensible 80mph speed limit but the toll roads are a killer – 125€ in tolls, just to cross France, and before you cry ‘the fuels cheaper’ – it ‘aint my friend, it is comparable with the UK!

I got a couple of tolls in Spain too but it is worth the cost to see the views.

So I am now home for the summer.  Not much has changed of course but things are about to begin changing. Some of my long term friends here are getting ready to clear out and return to Germany.  These guys have been here for almost as long as me but they are suffering the same frustrations as me, bullshit politics and stupid people – it wears you thin in the end. I had a good chin wag at the beach bar today with one of those friends, she is ready for the off.  Sure, it has been an idilic 6 years for her, but she is now completely over it – strangely enough, it appears we are both feeling almost exactly the same things.

I whiled away the afternoon today making a very special ‘thing’ that from this point on shall be called ‘The tricolore’ like the french flag.  A couple of years ago while at the beach I burnt a small triangle of skin between my shoulder blades – it was a small area of my back that i couldn’t reach with my own hands, flexible as I am, so today, i purchased the raw ingredients of ‘the tricolore’ and sat and stitched them together to produce my personal back sunscreen applicator, or PBSA to give it its full technical name. Photos will be added soon. Sadly though, the 3 colours of cotton i used for the stitching represent the Bulgarian flag rather than the french one – but tri-colour it is!

The apartment I have rented for the summer is the kind of place that encourages you to go to the beach.  Now, there is small, and there is blatantly taking the piss small – I think the owner got the broom cupboard and the apartment mixed up.  Will be even more fun when Lana gets here – talk about living in each others pockets !

The beaches are of course still beautiful but it is blowing a hoolie at the moment so not so much sun bathing, more like sand blasting.  Mustn’t grumble though, the breeze takes about 10ºc off the temperature but the sun is still as wicked – and of course a little bit of breeze keeps the mozzies at bay.

So tomorrow is officially my first day of chill – nothing planned but a full lube up with hawaiian tropics and a few hours in the sun, maybe even a dip in the water, and thats all, 6 pack of Bohemia is already chilling in the fridge, all thats left now is to upload the photos so far for this summer.




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