Road Trippin’ AGAIN!

In fairness, it has already started, with a little ‘warm up’ between Rugby and Brussels in the new ‘1 grand’ motor – which performed perfectly on my little jaunt.

So tomorrow or wednesday, I start again with a longer trip from Brussels to Sagres – a full 24hour spaz mode, cruise control locked on just above the speed limit.  I am now looking forward to my summer off, surfing, scuba diving, sun tans and of course studies.

It is also good to know that a new subscriber has joined the ranks, Karen Thornham, all the way out in Australia so I really can boast a worldwide audience now, albeit only 5 of you but we now cover the UK, South Africa, Australia, America and also an American in Europe.  I tried to blag Maja into signing up too so I could claim Scandinavia, but it never happened – maybe Mr & Mrs Oliver-Watne could help out with that one?

I am now expecting a flurry of good writing as I get back to my roots a little more and away from work so be sure to stop by regularly, or better still subscribe and get an email when things have been changed.

Enough now, its time to buy a new xbox power cord

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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