This is England

I read with interest the recent events in england.  I am curious to know what the IPCC body will discover but reading the fact that a bullet was lodged in a police radio, I strongly suspect the baddie shot first.

I do have a very old chum that worked on armed support for the force a few years ago so I am aware that the rules of engagement are very strict – penny to a pound the baddie was first to pop one off, closely followed by two from one of the queens finest – of course, the high quality of the UK police force meant that their shots will count every time.

I really want to break this down for a second because I know the MET police will now be getting a slating, and indeed the subsequent riots were blamed on the shooting too.

Firstly, and most importantly – If you carry an illegal firearm, you are fully aware of the fate that waits you.  Now the poor old copper, can’t just shoot you if he sees your weapon (no pun intended) – He, has to wait until there is an immediate threat to himself or the public before he can pull his trigger.

If, when confronted by armed police, you recklessly decide that you want to shoot your way out of the situation – expect to get shot and nothing less.  You might also hear otherwise but it is a shoot to kill policy, purely and simply because a leg wound or an arm shot doesn’t disable you from pulling the trigger – so expect a double tap to the heart.

Now, here comes the controversy – I just don’t see how people can support the baddies when they are willing to shoot at the local rozzers.  Anyone that can justify that stance to me, I would love to hear from you.  A madman at large in public with a gun should be stopped before INNOCENT people get hurt or killed.  If that means taking his life, then the London Met Police have my full support

Seondly – rioting, how the fuck does that help?  Let’s destroy cars and shops of local people, people that we live and work with every day – better still, lets break into shops and rob shit from a poor shop keeper who has absolutely nothing to do with what has been happening – rip his livelihood right out from underneath his feet while he stands there, watching helpless and probably shitting in his pants.  There is no justification for the actions.  Throwing stones at police – you are lucky, in many of the countries I have travelled to, those actions would have got you shot with no questions asked afterwards.

Thats enough for now  think hard about what you do next.




5 responses to “This is England

  • Mush

    We are way too soft on rioters in this country. Like you said, in other countries if you are out on the streets doing things like what are happening here, then expect to be shot!

  • Bellendro

    Right on Dude! The rioting had nothing to do with the shooting anyway! Just a good excuse for a bit of theivery, typical londoners!!!

  • Steve

    hey, where did my 1st post go!

  • Steve

    Oh and the autopsy report was ‘natural causes’

    ‘Cos when someone is shot 67 times, he is naturally gonna die’

  • Steve

    This reminds me of a statement by a U.S police department..

    When asked ‘why the deceased had been shot 67 times after shooting a police officer’

    their reply was ‘because that was all the bullets they had’


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