Back on European soil

Although i am not sure if Gibraltar is officially classed as Europe, maybe a similar case as Norway, either way we made is safely into Gibraltar yesterday morning, first thing all in one piece.

The poor old boat took a bit of a beating on the way across, with only three days of calm seas but it did hold together well.  As we entered the traffic separation scheme in the straits we encountered our first of two problems but i was more than happy with that, a good few weeks from an old tub like this, not to be sniffed at – in my book, any atlantic crossing that you survive is a good one.

First thing you notice about europe are the light nights.  In the caribbean at 6pm it’s dark, so to sit out here at 9pm in daylight with a beer is a small but welcome pleasure.

I am confused though.  I grew up in an era when spain was always contesting sovereignty of ‘The Rock’ but today there are almost as many spanish people here as there are cockneys wearing Man U shirts. It is weird though, asking an english bobby for assistance and having them speak to you in spanglish.

We will stay here until mid-week until we have to leave for Ibiza, where the boss and his wife will join us for the first time in Europe.

Still no news on the house, or the car.  I will chase the house again tomorrow but the car, i am now of the mindset if it comes back i will pick it up, if not, i will leave it to rot where ever it stands – no more chasing on my behalf.  I am currently scouring ebay for a replacement.  I have always wanted a Hearse and there are a few on there that are not too bad.  I would of course paint it metallic lime green instead of black.  I do still keep looking for those V8 supercharged jaguars but they still fetch good money – i think the Hearse is a better option

Tomorrow I am going to the top of the Rock with Vix and Alex – proper tourists

Thats it for now – i am off to scour facebook and correct users on their spelling

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