I got a new one – only one mind, and not from anyone i know, so a total stranger has subscribed to my site.  Sad thing is, its been so long since I used this site I can’t remember how to get to the subscriptions page to read about who it was.

Never the less, when i post this comment, there will be 4 emails now winging their way out to my subscription base.

I am of course bored shitless, sitting just off St Tropez at anchor with the boss on board.  So we all sit around waiting……….but he is the boss so if he is happy, we have done our job.

My wonderful girlfriend appears to be ground locked in Hamburg after a volcanic eruption – that has to be tough, locked in a first class hotel for a few days while your company pays for it.  Either that or another Taxi ride from Hamburg to Brussels is on the cards.

Sanremo is our next stop at the weekend, a quick chug along the south coast and we are there.  Who knows what waits for us when we arrive, needless to say, I will have plenty to do.

Had an email from my chums in Portugal today at the dive centre.  Water temp 21ºc.  I almost quit on the spot when i read that and headed towards Portugal, but i guess for now i will just stay on here because…………..

I have just booked my courses that I want to do in England.  At just over 4 grand, I need to keep the pennies coming in. So, England, expect me from 24th October until Mid November.

Now all i have to do is find the dive school in the Virgin Islands and book in before christmas for my dive instructor training.

Suddenly, life is not so bad after all

One response to “Subscriptions

  • Sharon

    I am one of your new ones,lol. i am from the US, in Pennsylvania. I enjoy reading your adventures and love the gorgous pics of the places you have been. I can only dream of these places. I do have one question, aren’t you worried about pirates? have a safe journey. Blessings

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