Two weddings and no funerals/Lisa Melvin – hot, naked lesbian

My last chance for the next three weeks.  In about 6 hours, my first plane takes off to Germany, and then from there, a 747 will carry me across the atlantic to Miami.  After that, a quick hop to the Bahamas.  I know it sounds glorious, my holiday finishes and then i return to the Bahamas but reality is no sooner than i have landed and found the boat, we will be off again on a transatlantic crossing.  My first Bahamas visit will last no longer than 2 hours

My headline for this entry is a mix – two weddings coming up this year, nothing unusual in that , but at my age, i had expected all of the weddings that were going to happen to have already happened.  But two latecomers to marital bliss have decided to tie the knot.  Take a bow Steve Brown and Mason Jones.

I am not aware of any funerals but then again they do have a habit of jumping out on you and surprising you don’t they!

The Lisa Melvin comment is one that brings me massive amusement.  My close friends will know Lisa Melvin, the super hot 30 something chick that has graced the local town of Rugby, Warwickshire for many years now.  Years ago on my blog, i wrote a little bit about Ms Melvin and people started arriving at my blog from their search engines because of that name.  I was so curious about it that i googled Lisa Melvin myself.  My entry called ‘I love Lisa Melvin’ gets a google nº1 hit.  don’t believe me? open google and type Lisa Melvin.  The nº1 hit is ‘The November Archives’. Corporations will pay google massive amounts to get that kind of exposure.  Anyway, its a cheap shot but using the most successful headline for drawing in hits, i am to increase readers while i cross the atlantic.  As a spin off, i also wonder if i get nº1 & nº2 on google search.

I am sure they are all looking for Lisa Melvin in the states but so long as google promotes me for free, why should i let up?

Thats about it anyway, i just wanted to write something to keep you all occupied while i am sailing my way from the bahamas to europe.  I am miffed at the lack of subscriptions but would like to thank Verity, Steve and Lana for their support.

It would be nice if i got into the med and checked the site and it had received a flurry of new sign ups – I have over 450 friends on facebook, if only half of them subscribed to my blog that would be magical – i promise to mention all of you individually

Anyway – time for bed.

2 responses to “Two weddings and no funerals/Lisa Melvin – hot, naked lesbian

  • Lisa

    Brilliant thanks Wayne , now i not only appear under your first heading i am now appearing high under your new News of the World type heading too great!!, the seachers are looking for me but my design site cant you go back to the free car method !! love you anyway Lisa x

    • hairygoose

      Hey Melv – the phenomenon of people looking for you and landing on my page has been happening for years now – I call it the ‘Melv Principal’ – I write your name and people appear – seems you have worldwide appeal though as most of the hits I get are form the states – there is also some big wig american bird called Lisa Melvin over there and I think some of them were looking for her! There is no accounting for taste though, as you are far more beautiful. Good to see you dropped by my page, even if it was by accident while your vanity had you searching the internet for your own name.

      big kiss

      the goose

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