Britannia Road Rescue – not if they can help it !

Nope, not drunk, just fuming mad.  For those of you that keep up with my stories (and you should – it’s piss easy to subscribe) you will know that my long suffering pile of shit mondeo has been in the repair shop now for 6 months.  Today i visited the shop who said they were at a loss and agreed it would be better for me to re-patriate it to england and have a dealer look at it there.  No problem, thats why i paid extra on top of my insurance for cover.

Not so easy.  Called them up and spoke to a young lady who wriggled and squiggled to try to get out of helping me – why? because i had tried to get the car fixed myself at my own expense rather than calling them first.  ‘ it’s been out of the country too long`she said.  Nowhere in my terms and conditions did it say anything about this, but she found it in hers.  So i logged a complaint, tomorrow i will call my insurers LV and ask them if they want to intervene – after all, it was their supplier.

I was also agasp to learn that only a week after asking for an EU bailout, i drive my normal road home to find a trench on the hard shoulder from Lagos to Sagres where they are laying fibre optic cables for high speed internet.  If thats not bad enough, on the same stretch of road, 12 junctions with traffic lights are being modified to round-a-bouts.  Nothing wrong with the lights at all.  Imagine asking for a handout after your own politicians veto’d austerity measures only to spend mindlessly on road changes that are not needed.

Its always a stark reminder of how retarded this country can be.  Like the soon to be toll road, the A22 which runs from spain to the western tip of the algarve.  When built, politicians swore it was a safety issue, replacing one of europes most notorious sections of road with a free motorway.  well, its still free at the moment but when i drove it this morning, the gantries were going up for the toll charging system.  Now i suspect that might scare off the spanish when they plan their short weekends away – and the spanish are big spenders over here – thats logic for you.

I take my hat off to Josè Sòcrates who resigned when he didn’t get political support for his proposed austerity measures.  I never understand public logic – the country is bankrupt but lets not stop spending – god no, that would never help.

So i remain miffed at the moment. No sagres bohemia in the dromedario although i did finally manage to blag a free t shirt from andreas – it only took 6 years.

So thats about it, rant over.  If you haven’t yet subscribed to my wonderful blog, please do so immediately and tell many friends to do the same.

And while you’re at it, please tell all your friends how Britannia Rescue have abandoned me in the western algarve

2 responses to “Britannia Road Rescue – not if they can help it !

  • hairygoose

    indeed Mr. B. red is a distant colour spectrum relative of green and we all know green means go right ?

  • Steve B

    from my 1 and only visit to Portugal I can understand your frustration on removing the lights and building roundabouts, you now have to slow/stop where with the lights you never slowed/stopped!!! no matter what their colour ?

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