Bewildered – thats me, but we will get to that shortly

I did promise a short break in writing, but i have a 2 day gap to bring you up to speed.  For only the second time in my life, i succumbed to drugs recently.  Nothing sinister of course but two weeks ago i jumped off the boat and seriously hurt my back.  So bad was the pain that not only did I go to the hospital in St Barths but i also came away with a huge prescription AND filled it ! Anti inflamatries, two sets of pain killers and a muscle relaxant.  the latter of course caused me some concern, i was certain that taking them at night as i got into bed would lead to a huge pile of poo under the duvet at some point during the night.

I am pleased to say though – i am now well on the way to full recovery.

I do remain confused though – when sitting alone with laptop in front of me, watching a movie with head phones in – why the hell do people feel the need to talk to me? Is it not obvious that i am in my own private space, and that can be very hard to find on a 36 metre boat with 8 people on it. WHY – i just don’t get it. Or, better still, come and stand next to me, start watching the movie and talking to me at the same time – fuck wits !!

Good news on the boat front – the mate is leaving in a couple of weeks so i get a new roomie. WHy is that good news?  Well he is messy, smelly and noisey so no great loss there – and she is a lezza !!  Yeah, Dean you sex pest – that made you hard i know.

There is of course one thing better than sharing your room with a lezza – and that is sharing it with two !  But sadly there is only one on the boat.  Actually, sexuality aside, i do very much enjoy her company.  She is a no nonsense northern girl so the language can be frank and often blue but it is good to have someone to talk and joke with that will never misunderstand the banter as anything else but banter. Victoria – I salute you !

Of course, the crew have just arrived in the same bar as me – i sometimes wonder what i have to do to get uninterrupted time alone.  Maybe a little education for them wouldn’t go amiss. If i am sitting alone in a bar – i am doing so for a good reason. I want to be alone in a bar.  Shouting at me from your table on the terrace is embarrassing for us both – would you really expect me to interact?

Anyway – it will all be over soon – the big question is east or west – will we head to the states or to europe – i am hoping europe purely and simply to get back to belgium and see that woman of mine – its been a long time – too long in fact – to be truthful, i haven’t seen her this year and that just won’t do now will it.

So, silence for the next two weeks while the boss is here – then expect some news.  I see my ratings have dropped massively over the last few weeks but i can hardly blame you for that if there is nothing to read now can i ?

Oh – Californication……….sod all to do with the chili peppers.  its a tv series i have just been watching.  I was told it was about a sex addict but i fear the people that described it as that completely missed what it was really about, they need to watch it again.




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