A grand don’t come for free

Well lookie here – almost a thousand hits on my new blog thingy – Aren’t things going awfully well.  And what is really going to piss you all off is where i am right now, writing this entry.  Sitting nicely at anchor between St Kitts & Nevis !! You have to love modern technology.

Tomorrow we head to Antigua – not my favourite place in the world.  You may remember that last season i endured 4 months sitting in Antigua waiting and waiting and waiting, got so bored shitless with the place that i actually quit my job.

I am lucky i guess – i never expected to get time or internet access to be able to write here for a while.  I am still learning this new layout stuff and i do have some more modifications that i want to make but i need quiet time to do that but when it happens, expect a completely new theme yet again.  I am beginning to feel like the developers at facebook – always changing things, constantly – until i get it the way that i want but i am close now.

I have been reading the news today – amazing the course of democracy is taking around the world.  Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and i even heard a snifter from Morocco too.  It is all too easy for us westerners to complain about our politicians and our democratic system – of course it has flaws, its not perfect, and never will be because it is democratic – but would you take to the streets of your country and risk being shot dead to fight for it?  I doubt it!  I can’t imagine what it is like to live in a regime where that can happen – imagine the soldiers orders – shoot your people or we will shoot you – ring any bells ? Very similar to the Nazi regime of fear. Gaddafi will put up a big fight though, i have no doubt about that, there will be more bloodshed sadly – but in the end the people will win.

Maybe one fine day we will see North Korea also crumble into a democratic state instead of a brainwashed civilisation.

I am now missing europe quite badly and long to return home.  I know it may sound unbelievable to hear but i am sick and tired of the Caribbean.  In the last 4 years i have spent about a year here, many people would love the chance but it is just a bit too tacky, under developed, full of yachtie wankers for my liking. I even had a dream last night that my wicked mondeo was finally fixed and it had been fitted with a steering wheel like KIT has in Knight Rider – I was burning through some bends with the new engine fitted, pulling like 10 men, gripped with my new Firestones – then i also realised i had a Toyota Hi-Lux that had just been returned to me with a shite paint job.  Then strangely enough, i woke up!  Weird sometimes, the crap that flows through my head.

Still waiting for the finals on the new house – not sure what is going on at the moment, something about the building i have been using as my kitchen being illegal.  Normally, with illegal buildings in portugal, they make you pull them down – however in my case because i want to pull it down, they won’t let me.  Sometimes i wonder how such a stunning country can be inhabited by such backward people.  You would imagine that a completely legal build would be passed without delay so that the local economy can absorb my money.  Of course, i see their plan – they want a bribe, a back hander – so crooked is the Algarve.

Lets see what tomorrow brings

2 responses to “A grand don’t come for free

  • hairygoose

    Nice one steve-o does that include the knight rider steering wheel ( i did also detect a fair amount of force feedback)

  • SteveO

    “Normally, with illegal buildings in portugal, they make you pull them down – however in my case because i want to pull it down, they won’t let me”

    Unbelievable, you couldn’t write it!!

    Careful what you dream for, have entered your car into pimp my ride 🙂

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