The sweet smell of sucess

Finally, i made it !  I got the layout almost perfect and also the navigation just about cock on.  I would like to thank my ‘Happiness Engineer’ for their assistance.  Happiness Engineer is not some new slang term for anything kinky – it is simply the support dudes that help you when you have a problem.

Of course that leads me somewhere new.  Normally, online support can take a while, you kind of know that when you send that message, you ‘aint gonna get a reply – Happiness Engineers on the other hand, respond within 24 hours and in a language that you can understand.  Daryl – stand up and take a bow !!

I am now thinking that it was worth the cost to join up with these guys.  It’s good when things work out like that.

Does anyone know where Lexa is?  I haven’t heard from her in a while.

So my Caribbean antics for this year will soon draw to a close.  We have guests arriving next week and will be busy for the next 6 weeks so don’t expect too much from me.  Still waiting to find out where we will go from here.  There is a possibility that we will head to Florida to do some work before gently chugging across the Atlantic back to Europe.  A month in the States – that is surely going to piss Susan off thats for sure !

Saturday, I have a double dive planned before heading out on the town for what will be my last weekend off for 6 weeks.  Not sure what i will get up to but if Maj the Vaj has anything to do with it, it will be a late one.  Sunday will be my day of rest as it’s my turn to do ‘watch’ so expect a flurry of photos to hit the site then

So its all looking peachy!

Do you still have ‘bob a job’ week ?




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