Guetta came and went

And to be honest, i am glad i sold my ticket.  A 4 hour drive to get there, doors open at 8pm and a wait until 2am for the man to appear on stage.

If that wasn’t bad enough, for the first hour or so he played all new stuff which no-one knew.  It wasn’t until people started leaving that he realised the error of his ways and changed his tunes (excuse the pun).

Instead, i opted for a weekend of scuba – which ultimately thanks to Mr. Guetta also didn’t go exactly as planned.  After putting the tickets on his FB page, my phone went mental.  Once all the tickets were sold, i stopped answering the phone.  One persistent caller tried 10 times before i set the phone to automatically drop their calls.

Saturday morning i got up at 06:45, had a shave so that my mask sealed properly and then at 07:30 headed off with Maj the Vaj to the dive shop.  No-one there so went and had a coffee before returning 20 minutes later – still no-one there.  I called the contact number only to be told that diving was cancelled for saturday as there were not enough people.  They had tried to call me on friday night.  Turns out, the persistent caller that i blocked wasn’t after Guetta tickets at all, it was the dive shop trying to tell me i could sleep in as there was no diving.

Instead, i rented a car and Maj the Vaj and me headed to ‘La Parede’ for a potential surf session.  It wasn’t too bad, i rented a board and paddled out.  Only problem was, i think i was about 20 kilos too heavy for the board – every time i stood up, i buried the nose.  We stopped for lunch and then tried again – this time i grabbed a ‘foamy’, essentially a beginners board.  It had much more float but was an absolute bastard to turn so i ended up riding in a straight line on the white water.  All those years of surfing to end up exactly where i started!!

Sunday had better potential – a dive trip was on! 20 people on the boat – it sounded a bit hectic for me, and proved to be too. A group of 10 people with just 1 guide, shite visibility, nothing to see and yet again returning to the surface with half a tank of air.

The second dive went better – i did offer to help the guide by closing the group at the back but he wasn’t interested in my offer.  Yet again, surfacing with half a tank of air.

The highlight of the trip was in the cruise back in.  The captain spotted a pair of hump backs coming towards us in the shallow water.  We slowed up and got along side them, about 10 meters from their side – then they went tail up and dived away from us.

Thursday is drawing near, dropping our lines and heading back to St Maarten for a week until our next guests arrive.  Puerto Rico is a great place but i am now ready to move on – soon be back in Europe.

Sometimes life really can be an ‘Endless Summer’

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