Digging Deep

Some things from the past are just better – a classic example of this is of course the archives on this blog, but don’t take my word for it.  Dig deep into the archives, anything from 2005 & 2006 is much better reading than the droll pish I am currently dishing out.

I am of course a little bored at the moment.  The boss is on which means my work is at a minimum while all the other crew work their arses off. It will swing again when he is gone though – the crew will all disappear on holiday and i will spend a few months on my knees with my head lower than my arse trying to keep things running.

Still not sure where we go from here, Florida or Europe.  My money is on Europe for two reasons – it’s the sensible thing to do for the boat – and of course it puts me within a couple of hours plane ride of Ms. Bos – here’s hoping we find out soon.

Apart from that I have little more to report.  The house project has hit a stall as described in a previous post, the car repairs have more than stalled, they seem to have hit ‘the runners wall’ and I am just days away from contract expiry.  I have of course agreed to renew for an inflated fee.  A very large part of me regrets being sensible and buying that bloody diesel mondeo – i should have stuck my neck out and plumped for the V8R Jaguar instead and not worried about the fuel- infact, if the mondie need more spend, i feel a good hoof coming on and i will replace it with an old shitter for 500 quid instead.  That line of thinking never failed me before!

Enough for now




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