New Arrival

Here comes the boss – well tomorrow evening anyway.

Will be interesting to meet the guy and see what he is like.  I have heard that it can be a lonely life being super rich – well this dude is coming out here on his lonesome!  seems the beetles were right huh.

Have been on board now for getting close to two months, and i have to say that i am working my arse off again – over worked and underpaid is right on the button.  It has to be the worst maintained boat I have ever landed on.  Even worse than that old shitter Yanekee Too, and that was rough.

Thankfully i only gave a 6 month comittment when i joined and i am certainly feeling that i will be itching to get off by the time the 6 months are up.

Whats more – i am really missing my woman.  Not very often in my life have i made such a statement. I dont even know if she reads my new blog, she could be one of the 45 – who knows.  Hey Lana !

So tomorrow, i have to wear my uniform for the first time, white shorts, white shirt, white shoes and epaulettes with three gold stripes and a gold propeller – am i going to look like a complete twat or what ?  Answers on a post card please or better still, leave a comment on my new blog place, i am still learning the whole thing.


One response to “New Arrival

  • Lana

    Hi Honey! I am one of the 108 now! About that uniform, I am willing to barter with your shipmates to get a picture of you in it. Better yet, I want to see it in person in December!

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