Plain English

I have just been taking a peek at a few other blogs.  I do find it weird, i wonder if people do actually talk like they write – i doubt it.  If they did, i just don’t think people would talk to them, toss them off as boring twats.

But people still do it.  Come on, think about it – have you ever read a review of a bands latest release and thought ‘ what the fuck was all that about’ – i did it recently when looking on itunes at the new skunk anansie album and found myself questioning what these wankers had for breakfast.

Sorry for my language – personally i like to keep my english simple and free from big words or strange metaphores that people have to question rather than understanding my passage.  Sure, at times, my blogs can be boring as hell – normally that is when i am in work mode but generally i say it like i see it and translate that without confusion.


Lets talk nonsense for a bit.  I am totally miffed that those smart arses at microsoft didnt/couldnt give me the option to grab all of my photos from my old blog.  A full history of being an ex-pat for 6 years lost in an instant.  It really is time to consider a mac but i am scared of being labelled a fashionable wanker by all of the pc users out there.  We will see what the future brings.

Today we heard that we face a 6 week lay over in Puerto Rico.  Nice i say – i always wanted to go there and was tantalisingly close as we steamed past the island last week. St Maarten is a bore and something of a shit hole.  If you ever get the chance to go there – head for the french side.  Infact, if you ever find yourself in the caribbean for any length of time, head for the french islands – they just taste better – a bit like burger king.

The boss is leaving us on thursday, a good 5 days earlier than expected – so we get to go to St Maarten again earlier than expected (hurrah for that). I am hoping that my dive computer has arrived and also hoping to firm up some dates with the lucious Lana so that not only can we indulge in some very energetic bedroom gymnastics but she will also bring with her, my dive gear.  I can’t imagine 6 weeks in Puerto Rico without dive gear.  Sadly, i didn’t have room/time/a car to get my surfboards from Portugal before we left so unless they have rentals – its all underwater action for me.

Time for bed i think

Sleep well

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