The times they are a changing !

well i finally did it – with a little helping shove from those wankers at microsoft – i registered my own domain name and here i am – maybe with a completely fresh attitude to blogging once more.

Of course – a forced change would not be complete without me loosing something – yep, all my photos that have amassed in the last 6 years will not be transferred over, infact i am still unsure if i can even add photos on here but i will be trying hard.

I may have a little time on my hands to investigate this too – we are currently sitting in St Maarten waiting to leave for the Dominican Republic.  I know how exciting that sounds to you guys over there in europe (except of course my canadian and south african readers) but the Caribbean is boring as hell.

We may even make it to the States for New Year – fuck yeah !!

But for now let me go and sleep – this old boat is causing me to work harder than ever before

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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