Time to go back to work

The summer ended, but then i guess it had to sometime.  I am a lucky shit sometimes.  I havent worked now for 4 whole months and i have enjoyed it all.  3 months at home in Portugal enjoying the sunshine, surf and of course diving, and just one month in grey old blighty doing some more training and getting ripped off.
6 job offers came my way and i turned them all down.  Then, one of the turn downs came back to me with better terms so i took it.  I am now sitting in Brussels waiting for Lana to come home, on Tuesday i fly to Malta to meet the boat.  From there its a short trip to Mallorca for a couple of weeks before crossing the atlantic once more to Dominican Republic for Christmas.  Should be back in Europe again for around April next year.
I was hanging in there for the new build in Holland but time lead me to thinking it wasn’t going to happen so opted for the stinky instead.
I was checking my dive log books while packing them.  I managed to pull 60 dives while at home.  Jammy that i am, i didn’t pay for any of them – that would have cost 2500€ – instead i worked at the dive centre for a while, converting working time into dive courses for my friends.  Colin managed to pass his PADI Open Water, Dean his PADI Scuba Diver, I have also left 4 discover scuba courses on credit for Uwe, Frannie, Sven and Ms Beckenbauer.
The new project for the house seems to be flying along.  All documents are in my hands now, I only have to wait for the local council to do their bit.  That might take a little while longer but i am ok with that, i don’t want to begin building until April or May 2011.  I am starting to look at specification for everything, including solar power and air conditioning, on top of house appliances and their current draw to keep consumption down.  Its all very in depth!
I am looking forward to having a warm dry house whenever i return from my travels.
So it is, the Dominican Republic for Christmas – I do really hope we don’t head to Antigua, I got so fecking bored of sitting there for 4 months earlier this year, it really is a bit of a shit hole, that is unless you are a typical yachtie that likes to get pissed off your head, coke’d off your tits or shagged by anything you can find.  So new adventures ahead.
watch this space

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