Why oh Why Oh why

Can i not access or even find my page on google chrome but can still find it on explorer 8 ? And more curious – why is explorer 8 so fecking slow without an explanation from microsoft?
Personally i think its a conspiracy but i am no tekkie so can’t prove it.  I have my suspicions though.  I was even considering a move to a Mac but if i can’t get my blog page on there, what is the point?  Maybe its time to buy my own domain name and transfer my blog across?  tell me what you think.
Enough of that –  lets talk about sharks.  For a few weeks now, the local fishermen have been talking about sightings of hammer head sharks a couple of clicks off the coast.  I of course, thought it was just fishermens tales, maybe even in an effort to drum up some business from shark fishing trips, but yesterday, with my own eyes, about 20 metres from the dive boat as we were getting out, i saw the fin and tail of what i guess was a 3 metre hammerhead shark.
(please wait while i call my sister and wish her a happy birthday)
No answer – answerphone – is it cool to leave birthday wishes on an answerphone ?
Anyway, since my sighting, i have been talking with others.  There have been reports of pods of up to 12 sharks at a time.  Today when the dive boat got back in, there was even a rumour that the maritime police were considering closing the beaches because of the sharks.
If you think thats wierd…………the other weekend, while sleeping, i heard the sound of bells and hoofs.  Of course at first i thought i was having one of my wierdo dreams which keep me amused at night.  When the sound continued, and i realised i was awake, i got up, opened the front door to be greeted by a herd of goats on my terrace.  If that wasn’t wierd enough, a boxer short clad Uwe (my house mate) was already in the garden with a stick, beating a plastic lid like a symbol to try and round up the goats and drive them out of the garden.  Some people take drugs to see things like that – me, i just live in the algarve!  It was reminiscent of the Victor Meldrew episode ‘One Foot in the Algarve’.
Its been too long since i last blogged but i blame technology for that, if i can’t get to my page, how can i write on it?  How can you get in touch with someone to get some help, when the company is as big as microsoft?  The Abyss !!!!
Anyway, my holidays must soon come to an end, i can’t stay here for ever just yet.  I have started the process of looking for work, there are two new builds i have a great interest in, i am just waiting to hear.  Failing that, a trip to Mallorca is on the cards.
Lana is coming soon, havent seen her for over a month now and its getting tough ( i refrained from using the word ‘hard’ for obvious reasons).  I have made almost 50 dives since arriving home in july, been a busy few months but soon it will all come to an end.  September is reserved for sufing and job hunting only.
After that – who knows
Keep the faith Susan

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