Season 1 – it’s all over – 10764nm

but only for a few weeks.
we arrived safely back in palma on wednesday night for a short rest bite – well for the rest of the crew anyway.  I have 5 weeks of flat out preparations to get the boat up to speed for a transatlantic crossing in november and maybe, a real maybe, onto Panama and through the canal to the pacific.
the journey of a lifetime is about to unfold. Tahiti, Galapagos, new zealand maybe even australia if we decide to slum it.
the new surfboard is taking shape – i will be collecting that from Davey on october 22nd, a blissful weekend in blighty awaits me.  Mother will be 70 years old so i am expectign a swinging party that weekend.
Palma is better than i expected it would be.  i wasnt due back here for a good year or more but it has revived my passion a little.  I even rented a scooter for the 6 weeks we are here – a massive 460€ for the period, musn’t grumble at that.
The engineer in portugal who is designing my new house promised the plans a week ago but they are yet to materialise – i feel another email coming on shortly.
Was surprised and surprisingly a little disheartened to learn that fat pat got married – if there ever was a case of ‘the one that got away’ she was it – and of course it was all completely my fault.  Maybe i am just getting old………… i worry too much.
so a few weeks of hard graft await me, and then a long weekend in england. before a few more weeks hard graft and then set sail into the setting sun for a year i would guess.
thats all for now – i will write soon with more inspiration
Paddy Whitelaw – please get in touch +34 697 390 527

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