season finale

I always love a good long board movie.
we just sat and had a quick burst of ‘singlefin yellow’ while eating dinner.  it always reminds me what life is all about.  the chilled and relaxed beach style.
Shame i am away working at the moment but every cloud has a silver lining as they say.  Watching the movie reminded me about Davey the ding man down in Kernow.  I have ordered a new board with him, to be ready in october. 9’2” 1960’s retro style, in powder blue and a full deck paint with gloss finish and the number 40 in cream just above head height to the left of the stringer – it is going to be orgasmic.
I appreciate fully how lucky i am in life to be able to have all of my boards custom built.  the up side of this is when Davey signs the underneath of them for me, with those immortal words ‘ for wayne ‘  – it just makes life a hell of a lot better – i can’t really explain it, but it does.
This will be my third Groovy surf board now, each one custom built for me.  8`6“ , 10’2” and now , added to the stable, a 9’2” charger.  Gunn like in dimensions, with a little less float than the big purple.
As we still havent decided where we will be next year, i will be bringing the new board along with me just in case.  there is talk of another caribbean trip, then through Panama and into the open Pacific.  Tahiti and the Galapagus have been mentioned a lot, as have the Maldives and Seychelles.
Any road up, it looks like we will be in warm water with excellent diving and great potential for surfing.  Best is, that as the boss will still be in the UK, he will have a long way to travel to get to the boat and i am sure this will limit his usage a lot.
Last time the boat went to the pacific, the boss never showed up for 18 months.
So here i sit – off the coast of italy waiting to finish the season and head back to palma for a quick yard period.  The end of the year is fast approaching – all i need now is for the house engineer in portugal to finish the project for me and we will definately be cooking with gas.

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