mixed days

funny when things are like today.
at work, it seemed that every time i went into the engine room, there was an absolute banging tune on the iPod – so i cranked it up and worked to the tunes.
then again , getting home this evening at the crew house, is almost like work never stops.  the modern day clammer for the ‘must have internet’ gets right on my fucking tits i have to say.  But i am bias of course – because i am the stupid cunt that has to get everyone hooked up.  And then, there are those error messages that you just don’t want to see.
‘If the problem persists, contact your network administrator’
yes – thats me too.  Now people, please let me give you a tip. if you need such urgent internet access, take a tip from me……
Buy a ‘3’ dongle for when you are in a country that has a 3 network and a ‘vodafone’ dongle for rest of the world, then whenever you have that ‘must have internet’ urge, you can plug your dongle in, connect, pay for it yourself and leave me in peace.
thats all for now
leave me alone

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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