Back in the day – 4726nm

Back in the day when Kula Shaker were a radical new band – i used to know how to work stuff without reading the instruction but my new phone has caused me some problems.  I tried to send mason a message of abuse but the word ‘wanker’ was not in the phone so i ended up sending ‘waxed’ instead.
I could never understand why they leave swear words out of a phone dictionary – not even a simple ‘shit’ will be there.  I finally found out how it all worked , and also realised after a couple of days that there was a clear plastic layer ontop of the touch screen, so that probably wouldn’t have helped much !!
I waved to a friend at Selsey Bill yesterday but she wasnt on the beach. 
Today we motored up the thames to West India Quay – thats next to Canary Wharf to Joe blogs. 
now think about this – the area stinks of money, big banks and corporate slags are all around.  the boat is worth a mint and costs a mint just to have going nowhere.  so the picture of a big sailing boat sitting in the middle of the london bank district is a most amazing picture

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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