Stockholm bound.

Orders are in – 09.30 on tuesday morning, we will leave the quay here in london.  A couple of days slogging across the north sea and we should be reasonably sheltered again and out of harms way.
After that – i have no idea what the plan will be.  there is talk of another trip into the arctic circle again to see icebergs and the northern lights – only one thing is for sure on this boat – plans always change!!..
I just had a quick weekend up in Rugby.  I decided to get the tube to Euston and then the express up to Birmingham international, hop on the monorail to the airport and pick up a hire car there.  I even treated myself to a 15 quid upgrade to first class for the return trip.
I was lookng forward to the return leg.  First class keeps you well out of the way of the chavs and serfs and to pay a little extra for this – was not a problem…….until i got to the station.
As always , i got there early.  My train was cancelled but there was another due in ten minutes, so i would be ahead of schedule by half an hour or so.  I figured now that i would loose my reserved seat, facing backward, with a table and an outlet to power the laptop……….suddenly that upgrade was looking a bit gloomy.  Then when i clambered on board, first class was busy and they were letting commoners sit in 1st class – how terribly unfair.
I did get my free coffee, buiscuits and crisps though – but never opened up my laptop to make the most of my free internet connection on the train.
When i got on the tube, transfered to the DLR and then foolishly got off a stop too early and had to walk a bit.
Bumped into an old friend called sue in the warwicks too – she was a little drunk but was most impressed that i remembered her name – like i was the drunk one??  Her friend was a real wierdo too – didnt want to acknowledge that we were there – certainly didnt want to talk to us and appeared hell bent on dragging sue off somewhere else – no doubt she was chasing some complete waste of space , shell suit wearing, wanker of an ex boyfriend around the town.
each to their own
Dean the twat -ordered the biggest pizza from the shop without telling me.  it measured 60cm x 45cm (it was oblong in shape of course)  it lasted us until teatime the next day – mind you, for 26 quid you would expect something substantial.
enough for now – i have to go and unpack and prepare for tomorrows preparations.
salty sea dog
Hurrah for Max
Shame on Sharon
a raspberry for dean
and a coal shovel for rupert

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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