Sitting pretty – 4493nm

Gosport – just across the water from Portsmouth, not the most glamorous locations that i have stopped in – but i am always thankful for a bit of time tied up on the dock.
Treated myself to a new phone too – i wanted an iphone but was gutted when i was told that they can only be bought locked to a specific network so settled for an LG instead – life’s good!
Our short stop in Jersey also proved fruitful – two new bank accounts opened with ease.
Next stop should be london but we heard yesterday that the water isn’t deep enough for us.  with a bit of luck, we may head straight to norway and back into the arctic circle.  Ultimately, we want to be in england again in september to make some more repairs to the boat.  Sometimes things can feel a little lack lustre but i am sure once we push off and head north, we will be starting a whol enew adventure.
lets pray for a yard period in pendennis and then a trip to the caribbean.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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