Bon Chance – 4303nm

In the wee hours of this morning, we pulled into a fog laden Cherbourg harbour.  Our plan was to sit for a day and a half before popping across to Jersey to meet the boss – and then the call came!
We have to be in Jersey tomorrow morning!! Not even an hours rest.  the rest of today was spent prepping the boat for tomorrow – all this after a 1500 mile slog out of the med, up the atlantic coast of portugal & spain, across biscay and into northern france, it is fair to say i am completely shattered.
So tomorrow, we will be on the dock in jersey and i will be able to rest the machinery and myself but the boss changes his mind faster than anyone i know so we may only be there for a day or two before we are off again.
Plan is to spend a week in london, next to tower bridge.  I like the sound of that – even if it does mean being in england and even more so in london.  I never thought a boat like this would go up the thames.
so we will patiently wait and see – one thing is for certain – it will not be long before we get a change in orders.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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