Dead Duck!

A woman walked into the vets with her pet duck.  She put it on the examination table for the vet to examine.  He picked it up, looked it over, lifted a wing, turned it on its back and pulled one of its legs.
The duck did not respond.
The vet gently placed the dead duck on the table and turned to the woman with a very sad face and reported ‘ I am sorry madam, but your duck is dead.
No, No, that can’t be – replied the woman – I want a second opinion.
The vet looked a little perplexed but in the spirit of customer service moved to a door.  He opened the door and returned with a 5 year old black labrador.  The dog sat at the end of the table and sat on his haunches with his front paws on the table.  The labrador looked at the duck and sniffed its ass then looked back at the vet with a sad eye and shook it’s head no!
The vet took the labrador back to the door and returned with a cat instead.  He placed the cat on the table next to the dead duck.  The feline began a beak to tail sniff of the duck, gently sniffing all the way down the body.
The cat also gave a sad look and shook it’s head.
The woman was still sniffling when the vet passed her a bill.
The woman cried out – 120 pounds for that?????
to which the vet replied
it would have been just 20 pounds for my examination but the lab report and the cat scan were 50 pounds each too !!!

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