Recruitment Agents

Lazy little gob shite wankers – all of them.  I havent met one worth their salt yet, from both sides of the fence.
From my heady days of being a boss in london and seeing the crap they send you after you have carefully spec’d out a role for them , to present day where, they NEVER acknowledge that you have been in touch with them.
Infact, a couple of years ago in Mallorca, i registered with an outfit called – they would have you believe they were a market leader – at what i wonder.  I registered with them, completed all of the application forms they asked me to, added a photo to my cv like they asked me too and then what??  not a fucking thing for 11 months – and then they call me, to ask me about a job on a boat that i had just started on two days previously.
But lets be honest – Dovaston is a market leader – at least they did call after 11 months, the other cunts just don’t even bother.
So , over the weekend, i registered with 4 more agents, after they requested me to enter all of my details into their database so that they can do piss all to collect their commission of one months salary.
Today, i got an email in return, asking me about my movements to arrange an interview.  I responded and then got a mail back saying, please call our office in Antibes, France.
After i picked myself up off the floor, i emailled back to tell them that they are welcome to call me but i do not chase recruitment agents – all of my work in three years has been based on recommendation only – never through an agent.
lets see what happens from here.

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