A little shot of inspiration.

I am feeling compelled to write something – the sun came out today, finally after over two weeks of crap!
Of  course, while in blighty i have been watching a little english tv – not a lot, just a little.  There are now so many price comparison web sites advertising on tv that i had a brain wave – i should create a web site that compares the comparers!
OK, boring now but the road improvements made where the A34 meets the M4 have made southampton to rugby possible in a little over two hours…….boring!
Gary Lineke has sold her surfboard – now thats not exactly committed is it?
Steve Brown has finally asked Nicola Burbery to marry him
Dean Collier is still a sex pest
Alex Clifton is the eternal fag
Russ & Mason are both cocks of equalling degree
rupert yates was extracted from lower heyford sucessfully.
Junior Gurnsey finally squeezed her baby out – late of course but with junior as a role model, she was never going to be on time
and me – i have been sticking to the speed limit wherever i go.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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