Thunder and floods

It was a real surprise to return home to where i expected to find sunshine , only to have two days of rain and thunder storms – seems there was more sun in england when i left.
Friday night session was seriously heavy – as expected.  The boys met me at the airport at around 9pm and we made it to Warung just before 10.30.  Plenty of cold Bohemia in the fridge but we soon finished that – A double measure of jack daniels each and we were flying high.  Now, don’t get confused with a double measure here and in the uk.  a UK measure is 25ml – here it is 60ml – thats standard – but remember, no-one bothers to measure here.  So at best, that glass of jack would have been like 6 in blighty.
we paid the bar bill – 86€ – then decided to stay for some shots too – only this time, i went behind the bar and poured whatever we wanted and kept a tally chart.  Another 50€ later, well, just look at the photos.
There was one scene that was video’d and will be available soon for you to view.  Sven wants to add it to the bar’s myspace for advertising, of course, i said yes, and as soon as we do, there will be a link here for you all to see it.
Saturday was a complete write off as you might expect, we are still a little jaded today if i am completely honest.  Chilling in the warung with a big breakfast.  some south coast swell but i dont think i will be able to talk the grommets into a surf – time will tell.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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