Sagres Surf Festival

The aftermath of the biggest summer weekend here in sagres………
It is unbelievable.  By now most of the weekend tourists that came for the festival have gone home – thank god!!! Not without leaving their mark though.  The cash machines have been empty since wednesday afternoon, some were still empty this morning.  I stopped for diesel this morning at my local filling station and it looked like the place had been robbed – empty shelves!  It’s the same in the supermarket too, yesterday was the first day since last wednesday that i could find burger buns for my BBQ.
This little town just cannot cope with the influx of fashionable wankers that ‘must be seen here’ over the summer season but then again why should it ?  Lets face it, the place gets busy for about 2 months of the year.  The rest of the year, it is blissfully devoid of wanky tourists, lisbon attitudes and spanish pikeys, and that’s when i like it the best.
I promise you now that this is absolutely the last time i will be here in august – even if i have to go to england for the month.  Massive attack played here this weekend.  Ten years ago i would have liked to see them – for now, i could’t even be bothered to buy a ticket.
yours sincerely
tired, sick and grumpy

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