Finally – it happened

The Jehovas witnesses found me this morning…………all the way down here.
Ok, it has been a long time since i last spoke with them, so long infact that i was living with fat pat at the time.  I remember the sunday morning well.  Around 10am there was a knock at the door, of course, me and fat pat were entertaining ourselves in ‘certain’ ways at that time on a sunday morning.
To protect my rigid modesty, i put a pair of boxers on and went downstairs to the door.  I stood, with the door fully open and confronted the two female witnesses who looked me down and then back up again and simply said – ‘we can see now is not a good time – we will come back later’.   They never did – the wholesome girth had frightened them away.
Anyway, two more found me this morning but this time they sent two men.  By the time i reallised who they were, i tried to pretend that my portuguese wasn’t good enough to understand them – so they switched to english – the clever bastards! 
Finally, after what seems like two weeks of being sick, today i actually feel like i want to surf again.  I did try at Ponta Ruiva a couple of nights ago but it was shit.  This afternoon i am going surfing with two extreme german chicks – i will be taking my camera with me.
England next week for a whole month – man, that is gonna hurt.

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