All Peachy !!

Oh yes I did it again – Britney stylie
Yesterday, scored yet another day at Armado, only this time, a couple of hours in my shorts !!!
Four days of activity has left me somewhat shattered, much to Marple’s dissappointment last night (and this morning).  Surfing in shorts in cool water poses  few problems that i need to share with you.
1.  your old man and nut sack shrivel to pre pubescent sizes
2.  Your nipples stay rock hard for ages and then rub in the sand that is impregnated into your surf wax leaving them as sore as hell
although it also brings bonuses too
1.  You get one hell of a tan (you english muckers will see what i mean next week)
2.  Marple applies fancy cream to your nipples
3.  Marple applies cream to her nipples too to try it out – and lets me watch !!!
I did get stabbed in my back too, that monster fin caught me while i was caught on the inside.  Wierd thing is, it didn’ t make it all the way through my wetsuit but it did make it through my skin.
Just finished work at the bar for the day, that should rack the food tokens up for a week.  Tomorrow i am going to hit  Armado again in the morning before marple arrives for the night.  I am out of wax and it is too late to buy any now but my ordered copy of ‘ A Clockwork Orange’ arrived today so tonight i will watch that and see what all the fuss was about.
Also into the second season of heroes at the moment, very cool.  Watched series three of weeds while in palma so am almost up to date.
Stand by for a weekend of action

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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